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born gifted
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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    Edmonton Alberta, Canada
    T7X 4A6
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    After noticing a lack of modern printed baby blankets, we started asking " why does everything have to look so babyish?". Living in a modeern home I was concerned about all the baby things taking over and really not having anything fit our personal style and taste. And with one simple grey modern cozy blanket our journey began...

    Whether it be travelling, maintaining careers, keeping up with social events, all with baby in tow, today's families demand products that meet their standards and enhance their lives. We're thrilled to offer products that meet these needs, which have made giant leaps in functionality, quality, and never sacrifice style in order to accommodate the lifestyle of today's multi-faceted family.

    At born gifted, we understand that buying for your baby is not only a necessity but also a meaningful experience. We are dedicated to providing quality items and knowledgeable staff so that your baby always gets the very best.

    If you’d like to benefit from a professional designer’s touch, and create your own blanket, crib set or whatever you need! Please contact us and we are happy to help you create your one of a kind piece!
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